At BLOKX we try to facilitate your progress to the next level through the multitude of routes, the specific training area and our professional instructors. We are constantly developing and we try to inspire you continuously to climb more and better. Our mission is to create a positive social environment, in which to guide and inspire both beginners and advanced climbers on their way to the top.

Bouldering is for everyone. From beginners to advanced; everyone is welcome at Blokx. Even if you don’t know how to climb at all, you can try bouldering with us. We always offer a short training to help you at the beginning.


The wall and the routes

The most important feature of a climbing gym is the climbing wall. The climbing wall is fitted with holes in which special nuts are mounted, in which the holds are mounted with screws. A combination of holds of the same color forms a route (boulder). The unique combination and the enormous diversity of climbing holds ensure that the routes are never the same. The wall has a maximum height of 4 meters. Because there is a thick mattress at the base of the panel, climbing can be done without any ropes.

At BLOKX, there are approximately 400 m2 of bouldering wall and wall dedicated to children. On the wall, the routes follow the same color of the holds from bottom to top. The routes are divided into 6 levels of difficulty. The difficulty is given by the size of the holds and their positioning.













Every week, on Thursday, a sector of the wall is replaced.

This means that you have new routes on the wall that offer new challenges.

  • Special space for children
  • Training space + Moonboard & Lattice
  • Locker rooms with shower
  • Shop with specific climbing products
  • Bar with seating area
  • 7 levels of difficulty, from beginners to advanced
  • New routes every week (± 20 routes)
  • Courses, competitions and sporting events
  • Parties for children
  • Corporate events
Sală de cățărat Bouldering

What is bouldering?

Bouldering is a form of climbing at a low height of 3, 4 m without using rope, harness or other safety equipment. To practice bouldering you only need a pair of climbing shoes and a mattress to put under you. At Blokx we have a 30 cm thick mattress that will make your “landing” pleasant. You can start immediately, alone or with friends. Due to the diversity offered by the wall and the routes, the gym is suitable for both beginners, advanced and even children. ‘Solving’ a route is like solving a puzzle. You train your body and mind with new challenges all the time.

In recent years, the sport has grown enormously and starting in 2020 bouldering will be an Olympic sport at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.


At Blokx Coffee & Bar you can quietly recover after a bouldering session with a cup of coffee or a delicious hot chocolate. You can sit at the bar or at one of our outdoor tables. If you want to cool off after climbing, you can try one of our craft beers, prepared in Romania.

* We do not serve alcohol before or during the bouldering session or for young people under the age of 18.

Sală de cățărat Bouldering

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